TRI-Hara is: The art of Marko Kowalski




Marko Kowalski is a consultant, teacher and entertainer. He has dedicated his life to assisting individuals, communities and organizations to integrate the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. For nearly 40 years Marko has had the honor of learning and developing his skills from many masters of both Eastern and Western influences. The birth of TRI-Hara was inspired by a quote from one of his teachers in 1990:

“The Masters and Samurais always change their art to meet the times.”


It was at this time that he became compelled to include the “heart” in what he already knew. Marko devotes his life to bringing this work into the mainstream.



TRI-HARA IS: a joyful blend of techniques


TRI-Hara includes practices based in non-aggressive martial-arts movements, yoga, tai chi, shiatsu, breathwork, meditation, and laughing yoga.  Marko blended these arts for nearly 15 years in the Seattle area, and has recently relocated to Kauai, Hawaii.


  TRI-HARA IS: an art for all ages


TRI-Hara students are as young as five and as old as 101.  Marko works with adults and with elders in retirement homes, and teaches in elementary schools.


  TRI-HARA IS: a way to learn about life


The term “Hara” means center or can mean belly - the lower abdomen area, which is understood to be the center of our physical body.  Underlying every movement we make both in training and in life is the Hara: the area two inches below the navel, which is considered the center or focal point of the body’s energy.  When we learn to breathe from the Hara, we activate this center of energy instead of cramping it.  We learn to create resonating sound from the Hara and eventually move from this powerful center in every aspect of our lives.  When we use the Hara we move with the focused energy of our whole being.  It might sound strange at first, but everyone who has had a “gut feeling” and acted on it has responded from the Hara.  TRI-Hara develops this gut feeling to be spontaneous and alert 24 hours a day.  Once we begin to move, think and act from this center, we are free to use all the energy at our disposal to be creative, to stand up for ourselves, to ask for and receive what we need from life and from others.


TRI-HARA: clear your mind,

energize your body,

embrace your heart


Hara also can mean heart, which is the center of our emotional body.  The Hara also refers to the mind or brain, which is the center of our intellectual body.  The ideal state is when these three centers are aligned and integrated.  TRI-Hara stands for three in one, which is the harmony of mind, body, and heart.  This program aims to align and integrate the mind-body-heart with spirit, our source of life.  This is achieved through intention and assisted by specific techniques.






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Marko started his studies in the martial arts at age fourteen, when Dale Jenkins, master of Isshinryu Karate Do, came into his life. One of the many teachings that Master Jenkins shared with Marko was that “all things are possible with a positive attitude.” He taught Marko how to teach others to move their bodies to enhance their awareness of life, and to inspire people. For seven years, Marko studied martial arts. He then opened two martial arts schools in the United States, where he began to share his passion and his gifts with others. Over the past 30 years Marko has broadened his studies to integrate the experiences of the body, mind, and heart into the healing process. 


Tri-Hara Holistic Well-Being Programs is the result.  Marko teaches upwards of 650 classes a year. His students range in age from four through one hundred and one. Yes, Marko has a student who is one hundred and one years old. His life has been an on-going adventure filled with harsh and gentle lessons breaking open his heart leading him to help people become aware of their internal and external worlds through movement, meditation, sound and laughter.



KARATE: Has studied and taught for nearly 40 years

AIKIDO: Has trained since 1982.

SHINTAIDO: Began training in San Francisco in 1990.

SHIATSU: Studied since 1982.

TAI-CHI/YOGA: Began studies in 1978.

QI GONG: Began studies in 2001.

EDGU: Facilitator of evolutionary spinal maintenance program.

NUTRITION: Studied Macrobiotics at Kushi Institute in Boston.


MEDITATION: Practitioner since 1982.

LAUGHING YOGA: Teacher since 2011.




Marko, in his some thirty years in the health and fitness work has acquired an unusual amount of empathy for seniors and their needs.  He realized the importance of having a healthy mind in order to have a healthy body. [...] His presentations of a healthy Mind, Body and Soul provides the individual with an improved sense of balance that contributes to greater self-confidence and awareness. This process has proven to be instrumental in improvement for greater mental recall.  Incorporating Tri-Hara into one’s daily life results in more flexibility, strength, and ad greater sense of joy, appreciation and wonder.

Blanche Caffiere

Daystar Retirement Village


The class, conducted by Marko is a weekly high point for many of us.  Since I began the class I have noticed a marked improvement in my health.  Other residents have commented to me regarding improvements to their health.  We greatly appreciate you continuing this service!  Marko is excellent at what he does, and at ensuring the residents have a great deal of fun while working toward better health.

Kate Hudson

Resident of Ballard Manor


Over the last 5 years, I have been fortunate to apply my Tri Hara training to the world outside the dojo. ... Tri Hara training has encouraged me to understand and at times embrace the extreme limits of various activities.  These forays into extremes are meaningful to me because I better understand how to get back to a balanced center point.  I feel the most grounded and at peace with the world around me when I knowingly choose a balance between extremes.

Sean Gorman

Adult Student


Marko is attentive to the needs of each individual as well as the entire group of participants and successfully balances the diversity of those needs.  His classes kept me energized, focused, and aware of how my physical and metal well being affect the residents I serve.  I have also been able to utilize some of his practices outside of the weekly class time, and this has only further enhanced my abilities as a nurse. ... Marko reminds us that by taking care of ourselves, we have much more to give, and ultimately this makes us better receivers as well.

Julie Ann Koehlinger, LPN

Providence Mount St. Vincent


When Marko said Tri-Hara,  I thought he said "Try Harder," so I did.  And I’m glad I did.  Marko and Tri-Hara have helped me become fitter and stronger and he did it with a strong dose of encouragement and good humor.  If you work with Marko you will find yourself moving better and laughing more.  You will also as I did be looking forward eagerly to the good feeling that follows a well-paced and nicely designed series of physical exercises.

Donald Mainwaring

Age: mid-70's


It amazed me how effective those half hour sessions were to help deal with stress, reviltalize and lift the spirits.  As a social worker with a large caseload of residents and dealing with a mother who has Alzheimer's type disease, I've been grateful for the tools which you have provided.

Martha McCall Smith, MC

Providence Mount St. Vincent


When I came to the Tri-Hara class I found more than the movement, stretching, stimulation of the body that I was looking for. ... Marko exercises every part of our bodies, but, during the frequent quiet times, we learn introspection, awareness of our inner body and of our connectedness to the macrocosm.  Marko is consistently "upbeat" so it is not surprising that class members keep coming back.

Nancy Watson


Your experience in working with the elderly is apparent in every way.  You really do motivate them to give their best and they are better for it.  Your stories and the things you read inspire them to get involved and to live live fully. ... Thank you again for being a part of our wellness program.

Candace Nonnenmacher

Activities Director

Aegis Lodge (assisted living center)


You contribute to the wellness and well being of every resident you work with. The balance of physical, mental and spiritual exercise in your Tri-Hara program is not offered in any other ONE activity here at the Hearthstone.  You have worked hard to remember names and events in our residents' lives that make your arrival each day an event they anticipate with joy and excitement.

Donna Leggett

Life Enhancement Coordinator

The Hearthstone Retirement Living



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