Additional Classes are offered on request:



Martial Arts for Youth

TRI-Hara Jedi Training

Traditional Okinawan Karate


If you are interested in any classes or workshops, contact Marko at the e-mail or phone number below.


Workshops offered by request


Manage your Stress

Go to the Gym Within

Playing in the Sea of Chi

4 Steps to Inner Peace


Personal Training sessions available.


Kapaa Neighborhood Center

Core Training for Boomers

Mondays 9:30-10:30 AM

Classes and Workshops

Hara Chi Flow:
Balancing Yin and Yang

Sunday, June 11, 1:00-4:30 PM

Movement Arts, 848 North Sunrise Blvd. Suite G-206, Camano Island, WA

Register at Movement Arts 

The first half of the workshop will be "Empty the Cup" using techniques to release, relax and let go of the pain, stress, and anxiety that inhibits the flow of Chi. The second half we will "Fill the Cup," finding the power, strength and vitality we need to live our life fully. Movement Arts welcomes back Marko Kowalski from Kauai. 






Kauai Beach Resort

TRI-Hara Core Yoga

Wednesdays/Fridays 8:30 AM

We meet in the lobby.  Bring a towel!

Session lasts for one hour.


Energizing Your Event or Conference



As manager of marketing and community relations, I can say without hesitation that Marko and his ability to customize TRI-Hara to any and all groups of people would be a tremendous benefit to any organization that chooses to utilize his wonderful talent.

Kate Colter, Day Star Retirement Village


Conferences and seminars can be physically and mentally challenging.  So much to do in so short a time:  information to gather, ideas to integrate, people to meet, contacts to be made.  TRI-Hara is a wonderful mechanism for enabling participants to make the most of their time.


TRI-Hara is a great ice-breaking activity and can also be used:


As participants are settling in

To replace a formal break (keeping participants from dispersing)

Spontaneously by the speaker to refocus the group

While seated or standing in front of chairs




Eastside Ridge Trail Adventure

Training in Nature

A four-hour trail adventure to commune with nature, in the setting of paradise.  We will meet at the trailhead, and hike 1.2 miles to the training area.  We will practice in a sacred energy circle for one hour, eat lunch, then hike to a swimming hole, where you can renew yourself in the fresh water coming down from the wettest place on earth, Mt. WaiÊ»aleÊ»ale. 


Cost: $80. 

Contact Marko to arrange.


TRI-Hara is beneficial for participants to:

Remain vital and present

Listen more deeply

Retain information

Integrate the information they receive

Remain alert during long sessions

Rejuvenate between sessions or even during a session

Create an atmosphere of trust, safety, and self confidence

Bond authentically with other participants

Network more efficiently

Enjoy themselves more




To book Marko for your upcoming event, or to find out more information, e-mail at or call 808-212-6228

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To book Marko for an event, or to find out more information,  e-mail at or call 808-212-6228